Change your food – change your life

As my friend and colleague Vanja says nicely – my story begins with badminton accident in spring 2012 when I fell and broke my leg. Recovery process took whole 3 months and during that I had enough time to sleep well, forget all those job related stresses, read a lot and surf the internet.

You see, the at that time I was probably 105 kg, still thinking I eat well, I cook lunches or dinners, do not have a sweet tooth, but eating late in the evening, consuming only toast-sandwiches with plenty of mayonnaise for lunch at work and being roasted peanuts addict left its mark.

I am medical biochemistry and laboratory medicine specialist working in a diabetes clinic. I knew that was all wrong. So increased physical activity seemed like a good solution – I joined a group of friends who played badminton at least once a week and even started going to a fitness club. My endurance improved, I was less depressed, I felt better – still the kilograms didn’t move down much. And then I broke my leg…

One evening I was reading a book Colon Health: the Key to a Vibrant Life written by Norman Walker who advocated a diet based solely on raw and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to accomplish good health of one huge organ in our body – our guts! He considered a healthy colon the key to one’s health. “Every organ, gland and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the colon.”

I read sections of the book to my husband and it somehow made a lot of sense to us! Those were all new ideas to us.  It emphasised problems of industrial food, additives, bad digestion, gut microflora.

Another book  “If you want to be healthy, forget about the cooking pots!” by Helmut Wandmaker (1916-2007), German Writer and vegetarian, was even more interesting and supported Walkers ideas.

Going back to work meant I was to return to my old habits or start something new – so I took a few nectarines for lunch. And in the afternoon at home we had a huge salad for dinner, and lots of fruits. It was the heat of summer, it felt refreshing! We had addopted real food: lots of fruits and vegetables, no industrial food-like products, less meat, no bread, no dairy.

That’s how we started! Ten days later we began to feel the first effects – our eyes were bright, no sleepy feeling in the afternoon, our brains were clear, we were less thirsty  and we both started losing weight. There was no going back!

To be continued….


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